During the month of September, Utah Glory players can earn money to help cover soccer fees by selling Swig cards to family and friends! These are very popular and for each card sold, player's will earn $7. Right click and save the fundraising images to post on your social media pages or share with family and friends. Then encourage everyone you know to order a card and pay before the fundraiser deadline, Septmeber 20th.

Click here for the order link to help collect orders smoothly with our google form. Post this link with the images to ensure we gather all of your player's orders! Reach out to Sara directly with any questions or to finalize your order before 5pm on Sept 20th. 801.915.3205 or email sara@utahglorysoccer.com

If you prefer to manually collect orders, download the order form below to use.

2023 Order Form (1).pdf