Utah Glory Soccer Club Objectives

Training offering the serious player every tool necessary to reach his/her personal potential in the sport of soccer. Proven player preparation for competition at the club, Olympic development, college level, and beyond.

Emphasis on the fundamental correct body and thinking forms of skills as the foundation from which players reach their potential in the sport of soccer. Once the correct body and thinking forms of skills are mastered, Glory players are given the opportunity to execute their skills under the pressures of the game of soccer.

Direct exposure to state, regional, and national games, players, and coaches. Glory players attend collegiate and national level games and develop role models through association with top caliber players in games and practices.

The most obvious difference is our style of play....Ball Possession, versus the common "kick and run" soccer; which may produce more "wins" in a player's younger years, but does little to prepare her for play at top competitive levels. While we emphasize the importance of winning soccer games, from a coaching stand point, long term growth of the player comes first with Glory. It is a difficult, tedious approach, filled with highs and lows, but the results are worthwhile.

We believe strongly in our program and we have proven results to back up those beliefs. While we have won many league, tournament and state championships over the years; as a soccer club, we are most satisfied by the fact that we have helped facilitate the growth of a great deal of collegiate caliber soccer players, and successful human beings. Take a look at players who have come through our program, check into their accomplishments, talk with them if you wish. If you are serious about soccer and want the best environment in which to develop your talent, the Utah Glory Soccer Club may be right for you.

Although no promises are ever made about being selected as a member of a state, regional, national, college, or professional soccer team, Utah Glory is proud that many of our players do go on to be selected for collegiate teams throughout the country.

What Utah Glory expects of you

• A personal commitment to become the very best soccer player you can be, given your ability.

• A personal commitment to the Club as your first recreational priority during season (July through State Cup).

• A commitment to read, understand, and abide by our Club/Player/Parent agreement.

• Financial support from players and parent by direct contribution and/or participation in Club fund-raising.

What you can expect as a member of Utah Glory

• Consistent, organized, and purposeful instruction by a licensed Coach who will conduct and coordinate all practices and attend most games.

• A qualified, carefully selected, licensed coaching staff of soccer experts.