Glory Cup Events


Please make sure that you bring the following to check in:

  1. For Utah teams, five (5) copies of UYSA Affinity Photo Roster.

  2. Out of state teams, player cards and one official team roster plus appropriate papers for guest players.

  3. Tournament binders should include player registration forms, signed medical release forms and guest player authorization forms (if applicable).

All tournament fees MUST be paid in full before any games will be scheduled! Questions? Contact Sara at (801) 915-3205

Instructions to complete and print out a UYSA Tournament Roster are as follows:

  1. Go to Login in under member login which is located on the top right hand of the front page.

  2. You will now be on the “My Account” page. Under “Teams” click on the “Edit” link to the right of the team name.

  3. Click on the tournament roster tab and then “Create New Request”.

  4. Fill out tournament information then click on “Save & Continue” Tournament information is as follows: 2021 Glory Cup / UYSA / July 28-31, 2021 / West Jordan, UT 84088 / Tournament Director Sara King 801-915-3205 /

  5. You’ll be taken to the roster page next. You can delete administrators and players by clicking on the red X next the admin/player’s name. To add a guest player click the Add Player/Admin Inside Org at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Choose the Roster Role from the drop down and enter the ID Number and click save and continue. Jersey numbers can also be added along with player positions on the roster page. If you add a guest player or a tournament player the status will say borrowed. If the player is a guest player you must have the specialty action form with their coach’s signature at the tournament check in. If this player is a tournament only player the tournament only card must be submitted at check in.

  6. Click on the Review and Submit tab and click on the “Submit Application” button.

  7. Click on the “Review” Button, and select “Print Photo Roster” button to print photo roster.

  8. Roster will be created with pictures and you can print copies for the tournament.

  9. To print copies of the roster you will need to click the small printer icon at the top of the page that opened displaying the roster. The roster will populate. Click on the export icon at the top of the page and export roster to a pdf file and then print.


Register to participate by clicking here

Goalie Wars is an exciting game where two soccer players face off against each other in a timed event on a field approximately 30 yard long by 20 yard wide and divided in half by a midfield line. A full size goal sits at both ends of the field. Each "goalkeeper" plays in one half of the field, defending their goal, while trying to score on the goal of the opposing goalkeeper. Attempts on goal may come from a punt, throw, roll, dropkick, or shot from the ground. Just like in a normal game of soccer.

General Information:

  1. The cost to participate in Goalie Wars is $20 per player. Goalie Wars is not limited to players that play goal keeper.

  2. Registration is at the Tournament Headquarters or online using the link on this webpage.

  3. Brackets will be divided based on gender and age.

  4. Brackets will be limited to the first twelve players to register.

  5. Goalie Wars is a single elimination format.

  6. In the event that a bracket does not have more than four players register, brackets may be combined.

  7. A size 4 ball will be used for all Goalie Wars.

  8. Each Goalie Wars field will have tournament provided balls, a referee, a timer keeper, and a score keeper.

Goalie Wars Rules

  1. Duration of play will be 3 minutes and thirty seconds; two 1 minute and 30 second halves and a 30 second break when players will change sides of the field.

  2. Play will begin with the ball on the center line.

  3. Players can score by throwing, kicking, punting, rolling, or heading the ball into the opposing goal.

  4. A point is awarded only when the entire ball completely crosses the opposing goal line.

  5. If a point is scored, the player that was scored on puts the ball back into play.

  6. The player must distribute the ball within six (6) seconds of taking possession of the ball.

  7. A player can take an unlimited number of steps on his/her side of the field when in possession of the ball.

  8. In the event a ball is deflected out of bounds by a player, the ball is awarded to the opposing player.

  9. A player must stay on his/her side of the field. If the ball crosses the center line, only the player on the side of the field where the ball is can play the ball.

  10. In the event a player crosses the center line, the ball will be awarded to the opposing player.

  11. In the event that a player maintains possession of the ball for six (6) consecutive seconds, the ball will be awarded to the opposing player.

  12. The player with the most points at the end of the second period of play will be named the winner and will move on to the next round of pool play.

  13. In the event of a tie at the end of the second period of play, a coin toss will determine the side of the field each player will start from. The first player to score a goal will be named the winner.


Medals will be awarded to the first and second place winners in each division. A medal ceremony will be held for each winning team shortly following the championship game at the medals platform near the tournament office. A photographer will be present to take team photos of all winning teams. The photos will then be posted on the tournament web site.



PHONE (801) 915-3205