Glory Minis 3-4yrs old - Alyssa Larsen

Glory Jr's U6/7 Co-Ed - Nick King
Glory Jr's U8 Co-Ed - Matt Doyle

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X-LEAGUE - U9, U10, U11 and U12
 U9B10 Black- Nick Vander VeurB10 Black- Alyssa Larsen
B09 Black- Shannon Jordan
B09 Red- Kevin King
G09 Black- Sandee Miller
B08 Black- Kevin King
B08 Red- Jon Axtman

B07 Black-  Alexis Jara
G07 Black - Raquelle King

COMPETITIVE LEAGUE - U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 and U19
 U13B06 Black- Brandon Larsen

G06 Black- Nick Owen 
G06 Red- Walt Sickler
B05 Black- Nick Vander Veur
B05 Red- Jack O'Leary

G05 Black- Dave Overfelt

B04 Black- Steve Trauba
G04 Black- Jose Araneda 
B03 Black- Leo Gonzalez
B03 Red- Brad Wolvington
G03 Black- Dustin Jenkins 
G03 Red- Alyssa Larsen
G03 White- Laine Sabey
B02 Black- Alfred Nkoy
B02 Red- Braxton Hall        

G02 Black- Jose Araneda 
 U18B01 Black- Brett Davis      

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New Birth Year Age Changes effective 2017
The changes in birth year deadlines is causing all kinds of confusion, but we have a solid understanding and want to help players and parents know what to expect. Most importantly, don't worry! At Utah Glory Soccer we have spent many hours planning and preparing for this change and we are prepared to answer all of your questions. The new US Youth Soccer guidelines have simply relabeled the age groups. Your child isn't skipping a year of play, they are just shifting the labels. See the chart below for the correct age groupings and give us a call if you have further questions! Want to learn more? Click here.